Racism is not Right Wing, it’s fringe…

What happened in Chancellorsville the other day is of course, deplorable.  However: it is also unavoidable.

It is dangerous, but not for the reason everyone thinks it is.  Racist rallies and marches are nothing unusual – it’s not like this is the first one.  The Ku Klux Klan is still an active organization.  300 Nazis is not the “rise of Nazism” in the United States.  It’s 300 Nazis.  Nazis have always existed and have been active in the United States (Remember the “Blues Brothers”?)  Even under the last president – racism existed then, as it does today.

It’s dangerous because it is creating ideological battle lines that are not at all representative of the ideological disagreements of the nation’s population at large.  300 Nazis march in Chancellorsville, and the left attempts to say that it’s a manifestation of the entire right wing.  Patently ridiculous, of course.

The left is now suddenly making a bigger deal out of this in another vain attempt to sabotage Trump.  In doing so, they are simply reinforcing identity politics, the same strategy they used in the last election.  It didn’t work then, and it’s not going to work now.

I’ve said it before: anyone who supported Trump continues to do so.  No minds are being changed.  The only problem that the republicans are bound to have in the midterms is that they haven’t done enough to support Trump’s agenda, and this will put a damper on enthusiastic voting.  Otherwise, the republicans can be assured in their political dominance.

The biggest problem: this business forces us into camps that we would not be caught dead in.  Oppose antifa?  That must automatically make you a Nazi.  Oppose these Nazis?  That automatically puts you in antifa.  Or so goes the logic.  Of course virtually none of us are in either group, and the numbers of those groups are so small that it can hardly affect any political outcome.


Human beings are never going to be perfect, and hatred will continue to exist in one form or another.  It’s a worthwhile thing to fight, but also a vain fight – and while we should never accept it, we will have to eventually accept that it’s inevitable.

As a right winger, I condemn all that occurred there, as I hope all of my right-wing colleagues will continue to do.  Racism is not a legitimate part of right-wing thought; as a member of the right I value personal and economic freedom above all things, for everyone.


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