Haiti: an ideal vacation destination

The Big Blog of Freedom and Justice is coming out of winter hibernation to offer a few words on the big word – do I need to use it here?  Nah.

First of all, I won’t fully believe that he really said it until I hear a recording.

Supposing he did use the word, a few points:

  • Yeah, sure, maybe a better phrase could be found.  But how many of the liberal elites pouring their crocodile tears out in the news cycle really like going to Haiti?  Are all the young millennials virtue signalling on social media planning a Hatian Honeymoon?
  • Being that this is in the context of immigration, if Haiti is so great, why do so many people want to leave?  Much is made of the contributions Hatian immigrants have made to American society (which is certain) but could they have made those same contributions in their home country?  Likely not.

This isn’t really an article, it’s more of an assembly of rhetorical questions, but one thing is absolutely certain: Trump’s expanding base of support doesn’t care that he made the remarks, or would be inclined to agree.

Will this be the end of DRUMPF?  Nope!