Why the “walkout” is nothing

A bunch of kids skipped class, I guess we have to throw away the constitution now…

Obviously I think young people, even high schoolers, are fully entitled to their political beliefs.  Misguided though they are, I will never cease to encourage political activism for the young.  And for those that walked out of class, fully convinced of what they believe in, good job.

However: kids just like skipping class and will find any excuse to do so.  I speak from experience.

Furthermore, it is hardly a meaningful political “rebellion” when nearly every social and political institution, including the schools themselves, also believe in gun control. 

When schools are sanctioning the walkout, it’s not really a walkout.  It’s twenty minutes of skipped classes.  It would be slightly more effective if students got up and walked out en masse over something like teacher pay (which is again, supported by most social and political institutions, but the state government would definitely take notice) or some issue that is simultaneously hotly debated and relevant to the students.