Political Melodrama, Yesterday and Today

I admit, i’ve taken a long break from political activism.  For various reasons, but one among them is that I have been annoyed by all the drama.  And if I do criticize anything something that Trump does (there are some things) I hesitate, because I don’t want to be lumped in with the hysterics.

I recall with a cringe the hysterics of the right wing during the Obama administration, particularly 2011-2013 or so.  Ask any far right winger, and he would assure you that he was going to strip us of our guns and freedoms in one go.  Maybe you’ll get thrown into a FEMA Camp; buy freeze dried food, you’ll need it.  He has embedded the government with radical Islam, and so on.

All of this is a distant memory.  It is only a few years ago, but it seems so much longer.  What was this all about?  Political points.

Drama for political points is nothing new, obviously.  The thing that separates the right from the left is how badly it is done.  The right did it badly.

The left is doing it hideously.

They have exaggerated the drama to an insane degree.  Ever see one of those over-the-top Spanish soap operas on TV?  Yeah, that’s what it’s like.

And while the right fished out some scandals to score some points in elections (“Fast and Furious,” “Benghazi,” anyone remember the others?) the left has to invent them, leading to some bizarre tales.

We’ll have to wait for the midterms to see if they’ve had any real effect; my feeling is that besides the left’s echo chamber, America is laughing at them.

You can only compare something to Nazi’s so many times before people lose interest.  You have to save that card for when you need it, i.e., when there is a legitimate threat of Nazism or genocide.  This is missing.


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