Wow! Sweatshop Company Takes Stand for Social Justice!


Obviously, a private company should be able to do whatever it wishes; the leadership of the organization can have it’s political stances and causes.  Furthermore, the public can respond accordingly.  Nobody is wrong in this scenario.

I’m curious: what did Colin Kaepernick sacrifice?  The man’s a millionaire, he’ll be fine.

I’m not going to swoop in here and say oh, well someone else sacrificed more because no matter what, you can always one-up someone by saying that you sacrificed more than they did.  However, I’m under the opinion that Kaepernick didn’t sacrifice anything.  I’ll admit my only passive interest in football, but prior to the political controversy I don’t know if the mainstream knew anything about Colin Kaepernick.  He takes a knee, and then becomes nationally notorious.  He went from being a mediocre athlete to being a mediocre athlete at the forefront of national attention.

I think this was the intent.

I would also be surprised if Nike actually had any sort of actual principles.  If they did, the whole sweatshop and underpaid labor thing would already be addressed, given that this falls into a bad moral area for most people.

In sum, this was a brilliant advertising campaign.  It has people talking about Nike, and people destroying perfectly good shoes.


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